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Takes a mailbox or other file full of junk e-mails, and sends them to spam reporting services such as SpamCop, KnujOn, various phishing reporting addresses (e.g. Bank Safe Online) if appropriate (based on content), or any other service that accepts spam reports by e-mail. Comes pre-configured with a number of reporting services which can be used out-of-the-box. Inspired by similar scripts on SpamCop, but much more flexible and supporting a wider range of services.

I hope you will find this useful if you get spam and you want to complain about it - that covers pretty much everyone, I think! Use requires a small amount of technical knowledge (feel free to e-mail me for help!) but it should be suitable for anyone. All you really need to be able to do is to save your junk e-mail in a file then run this script. Mail system admins could best implement this by providing a folder into which users can drop spam, and running this script on the folder periodically (that's how I use it).

The program is a single perl script, and should be suitable for use on most systems. I develop and use on Linux, with Sendmail/Exim, but the only system requirements are Perl (Windows version available from ActiveState) and a command-line mailer program (for Windows, try Blat, but I'm not sure it'll work without some rewriting). This is a stable and well-tested program, and any updates will be infrequent, almost to the point of non-existence, until life permits me free time again.

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