Spam reporter

Takes a mailbox or other file full of junk e-mails, and sends them to spam reporting services such as SpamCop, KnujOn, various phishing reporting addresses if appropriate (based on content), or any other service that accepts spam reports by e-mail. Comes pre-configured with a number of reporting services which can be used out-of-the-box. Inspired by similar scripts on SpamCop, but much more flexible and supporting a wider range of services.

I hope you will find this useful if you get spam and you want to complain about it - that covers pretty much everyone, I think! The program is a single perl script, and should be suitable for use on most systems. I develop and use on Linux, with Sendmail/Exim, but the only system requirements are Perl and a command-line mailer (the built-in assumption is sendmail, and other MTAs usually provide this for compatibility). Use requires a small amount of technical knowledge, but all you really need to be able to do is to save your junk e-mail in a file then run this script. Mail system admins could best implement this by providing a folder into which users can drop spam, and running this script on the folder periodically (that's how I use it).

This is a stable and well-tested program, and any updates will be infrequent, almost to the point of non-existence, until life permits me free time again. However, if you find (or run) a spam/phishing report service that I haven't configured yet (perhaps your bank's phishing report e-mail address), please contribute a Merge Request on the project on GitLab, or via e-mail.

spam-reporter on GitLab
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